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We love your church!

ChurchCurator empowers you to manage your church in an easy, safe and centralized way and it gives your teams mobile access to a shared platform.
You may use ChurchCurator as a full featured church management software for thousands of contacts, members and groups or you may use it as a supplement to your existing software, for example as a collaborative group solution for individual teams. You decide, how ChurchCurator can help you!

Some key topics are...

Church Management

People, households and groups are the pillars of the church management system


Events, calendar, rosters, room booking and many other useful features help you getting the job done


Chats, SMS and e-Mails will help you to keep informations flowing


Different filepools enable you to transfer or store files

... and many more!

ChurchCurator has many features that will make your life easier.

We're on a mission

ChurchCurator is a software, created by people who are passionate about church building. God loves his church - and so do we!
We know how much time and effort it takes do lead well and it is our mission to give you (and us!) the best tools in order to provide optimal support for the church, the pastors, the volunteers and the members.

Leaders and pastors

ChurchCurator allows you to manage your church in a central place. You always have immediate access to contact data and the newest mailing list. Out of date paper lists are a thing of the past. And you provide a modern, secure and centralized platform for file exchange to your teams and members.

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ChurchCurator is desinged to be used by unexperienced users. Persons, housholds and groups are the central elements. Data can get updated by administrators or by the managed persons for themselves: Actually you can create an account for everyone in your church, no matter if it's a guest or a member.

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We believe that the IT-demand of thousands of teams usually includes these simple things: An easy to use software, that can be used mobile as well as from home, which provides address and contact data and provides a centralized place for secure file exchange.

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There are many different groups around church: Some are working groups or teams of volunteers and others are cell groups. ChurchCurators group model is a flexible tool, supports team communication and reflects your church life in its whole variety.

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Church search

With our church search you can find churches near places, cities or within postalcode areas. Everyone can access the search for finding churches and every church may publish their entry free of charge. Go ahead and give it a try!

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