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This is what ChurchCurator is all about

Create, edit, show, filter and delete. For every person you can store stem, address and membership data. Address data gets geocoded and visualized on maps.
Persons can get assigned to a household. Address changes will then take effect for all members of a household. And as the church grows it gives you an idea who belongs together.
Groups can represent cell groups, teams or event specific lists. Persons can be marked as leader or staff. Each group has a filepool where you can create subfolders and share files as you like.
Unlimited Accounts
If you want to, you can create an account for each individual person. This is how leaders, teams and any other persons get access to the system. user management, activation e-mails, password retrieval - this is all done fully automatically for you.
User InvolvementA well rolled out system almost updates its data by itself: Persons with own accounts can see their stem and address data and update it on their own. As a reward the user itself gets access to the electronic church list, the groups and files.
State of the membership
By categorizing the persons properly, you can keep track of guests, friends, members and former members and manage all records in one database without loosing track.
Strong Filters
The strong filters and search masks will yield the data you are looking for - even if you remember only fragments.
Interactive Links
All data is linkes in a convenient way. 'Who joined this group - what's this childs name - which household does it belong to - does it have siblings?' - you literally can surf through the church network.
Membership data
Notes, timestamps for membership forms, joining or leaving church and other events will give you a fast overview on what's going on.
Profile pictures
Profile pictures for people and groups will give your data a face. This is especially valuable when you do not know everybody.
Mass actions
Mass actions allow you to alter and update many records at once. For example: You can mark many people at once as being members or assign them all to a group in one step.
Electronic Churchlist
The electronic church list solves many problems of a traditional list. It's up to date, you manage permissions, there are practical issues, and requirements to data protection. If this gets necessary, every single person can decide what may be visible to which group of people.
Full data control - import and export
In order to get you started quickly, we have an import assistant, that can read in CSV and XLS files.
You can export all profile and household data easily any time as a CSV file.
Mobile Development
It is mobile: Android, iPhone, tablets - the software can be used anywhere. 'Mobile first development' und 'Responsive Design' are design principles we stick to, so you can use our software on any display size and while you are on the road.
Software as a Service
This essentially boils down to: No installation necessary. All you need is a Webbrowser and access to the internet.
Usage & Signup
Our main goal is to support churches. As we do not set up any contracts when you start using ChurchCurator you can test as long as you like. Just join and start using it!
Go ahead and get your hands on ChurchCurator. You can be assured that we will not send you a bill out of the blue. When you join you choose a free plan. If you start using more than the free limit we'll send you an E-Mail and let you know. You can decide what to do then.
Privacy Protection
We have no advertising. We do not give away any data to any third parties. We respect your privacy. On our web page we use google analytics and cookies in order to understand our visitors. The data collected there is completely anonymous and we use it to enhance our web site and product.
Every customer has his own subdomain. Each subdomain is SSL secured and every connection is encrypted. This means: You data flows straight between your computer and our ChurchCurator server and no third party can see your data. Encryption strength is industry standard and the same that is used for online banking.
Fine grained attribute level privacy
We do what others can't: Privacy that works. Without having to tune lots of settings. Good default settings and sane defaults will make the system run automatically. In the rare case that someone needs more control over his privacy he can change his personal settings.